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British Shorthair Queens

Champion CelticMist Ashlyn 


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British Shorthair Breeder Canada
British Shorthair Breeder Canada

Ashlyn is such a sweetie and affectionate and has reached her "Champion" title with TICA.  She comes all the way from Ireland. .  Ashlyn has beautiful intense copper eyes and a soft thick coat. A thanks to Sebastian of CelticMist for her. 

British Shorthairs Canada
British Shorthairs Kittens
British Shorthairs Canada
British Shorthair Breeder Canada
British Shorthair Kittens

Regional Winner 2018-2019

Quadruple Grand Champion

Celtic Mist Tamina of BCBLUES

Tamina is an adorable, sweet cat and has a beautiful plush thick coat with a sweet, gentle personality.  She became in 2019 a Regional Winner with TICA in the NW region for 23rd, and got her Quadruple GrandChampion title.
British Shorthairs Kittens
British Shorthair Kittens Canada
British Shorthair Breeder Canada
British Shorthairs Vancouver


 Sophie is a sweetie and has the big cheeks like our male.  The females are just as big and friendly as the males.  We also have Sophie's sister, Little Tamina, as well as Joy and Rosie.
british shorthair kittens bc
British Shorthair Kittens Vancouver BC
British Shorthair kittens
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