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BCBLUES Kitten Information

We love our British Shorthair kittens and spend each day with them to get them used to human touch.  Once a kitten has been reserved, they will stay in our cattery until they are 3 months old and then they will be able to go to their new home.  This is to give time for the kittens to socialize and learn from their mother and other siblings, as well as allow time for their immunes to be stronger.
Each British Shorthair kitten is given their shots and deworming plus a health certificate before they leave to go to their new home.
We love our kittens dearly as we have been with them since birth, watching over them, playing and feeding them, and having some late nights sometimes having to bottle feed some.  So we care about them going to loving homes.
As a cattery in Abbotsford, BC Canada we feed the best of foods to our cats and kittens to ensure they are healthy and grow well.  We supply a list of foods plus samples to take home with your new kitten.
We also require a contract to be signed between BCBLUES British Shorthairs and the person buying our kitten, that lays out our conditions for taking care of our sweet kittens.
If you have any questions, contact us, and we'll be happy to help you.
British shorthair kitten BC Canada
British Shorthair Kittens BC Canada
British Shorthair Kittens
British Shorthair Kittens
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