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BCBLUES is a small cattery in Abbotsford, BC Canada for Blue British Shorthairs.

Our dream to breed British Shorthairs started as a dream of our boys and then grew into us working together as a family.

As we are small, we give lots of love and attention to each of our cats on a daily basis.

British Shorthairs are native to England and are often referred to as a "teddy bear" as they have a round face and dense, soft coat. They have a muscular, solid build and have a easy going personality.  They make a great family pet as they are gentle, affectionate, calm and quiet.

This year 2018, our male Gucci, became a


through TICA. 


He also won 5 Best Cat Finals &

     5 Awards for 2018:

     *  Best British Shorthair in the North West

     *  3rd International Best Color for British Shorthairs

     *  12th Best Cat in the NW

     *  9th Best Shorthair in the NW

     *  Best Blue British Shorthair in the NW


British Shorthairs Canada
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    RW Supreme Grand Champion Gucci and Queens

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Abbotsford, BC  Canada

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